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Ronald Smith

Dick Lucier

Steve Glava

"Thanks to all on this page who have confirmed their addresses.
The following list will be updated as we confirm additional contact information."

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Passed On 
Last Name First Name Given Name
(First, Middle)
Married Name Photo Bio E-Mail
Then Now
Abbadessa Eugene Eugene, George      
Abbatecola Michael Michael, John      
Abbott John John,      
Abbott Judi Judi, Stroup      
Abrams Mark Mark, A    
Adair Orville Orville, Dean
Akola Valerie Valerie, Ruth Beckenhauer    
Alden Jacqueline Jacqueline, Marie      
Alexander Robert Robert, Raymond      
Alexander Jerry Jerry, Alen      
Allen Judie Judie, Ann Przybyszewski      
Allen Patsy Patsy, Ann Staniec      
Allen Toni Toni,      
Alltizer Terri Terri, Lei Ryan    
Alonso William William, H      
Anders Carole Carole, J      
Anderson Claudia Claudia, Bratton
Anderson David David, Dale      
Anderson Helene Helene, Victoria      
Anderson Bill William, W
Arange Christina Christina, Tissaw      
Arell Dorthy Dorthy, Jane      
Armstrong Jackie Jackie, Small      
Arnold Paige Paige,
Arter Joan Joan, Adele Guy      
Ashley Jerry Jerry,      
Auerbach Judith Judith, Ann      
Austin Tim Tim,      
Baggett Sharen Sharen, Lee Gendebien
Baker Dennis Dennis, Jack  
Baker Robert Robert, W      
Banks Marilyn Marilyn, Vay      
Barker Larry Larry, Joe      
Barlow Don Donald, Griffith
Barr Brian Brian, Richard      
Barrett Boyd Boyd,      
Barsam Susan Susan, Marsha Van Dalsen    
Bartlett Norman Norman, Eugene    
Baskins Ronald Ronald, Edward      
Bauer Beverly Beverly, Arlene Daver      
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